Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vespa Quarantasei !!!!!!!!!!!..wowwwww

Forty-six as 1946, when the Vespa was born, a unique example of style and technologythat made ​​the history of mobility. 
In 2011 and after more than 17 million specimens scattered on all roads in the world, reveals a possible sale the future.
Forty Vespa is a concept that does homage to its founder, the MP6 prototype that gave rise to the scooter 's most famous mondoriproponendo in a modern-looking technology and the purity of the traits that drew the classic Vespa.
Under the body characterized by a modern engine reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions and noise abatement. This is a monocilcindrinoc 125 cc (cc and 150) 4 stroke, 3 valves, air cooled and powered with fuel injection electronics .
Innteramente designed, developed and manufactured in Pontedera, the largest plant of Piaggio Group is one of the most important and advanced research, development and production of engines in the world, this engine is the technological challenge of the Piaggio Group.
The performance, with a power of 8.7 kW at maximum shaft 8.250 revolutions / minute and a maximum torque of 10.3 Nm at 7,000 rpm / min (for 125 cc) and of 9.7 kW at 8.000 rev / min and a maximum torque of 12.6 Nm at 6,500 rpm / min (for 150 cc) put the new engine at the top of their categories.(copy paste)

memang style bapak arr vespa nieyh..tapi rase nye takkan sampai kat malaysia...kalau sampai pon mampus aku nak beli..ade cecah puluh ribu nieyh...duit pon pakai duit biasiswa je..memang tak laa..hehehe...tapi takpew..impian tuh tetap ade..cume biar lah mase yang menentu kan...hahaha...

                                       model diorang pon lawa-lawa laa..hahahaha

                                        punggok dah macam superbike laaa

klasik+moden..memang perghhh!!!!

tapi satu je yang aku tak berkenan...vespa model nie gune enjin skuter laa...itu yang boring tuh..x mencabar langsung...buat laa pakai 2 strokes jugak...baru bestt..body dah ade spec racing dah..lau letak enjin 2 strokes..bagi yang 250cc punye...confirm brand vespa boleh masuk motoGP..hehehee...kawan-kawan sume mintak tolong doa laa kat saye..murah rezeki..hehehe

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